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Villa Del Prado Oriental Rug Collection

Wool Hereke 8'x11'

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This exceptional vintage wool Hereke is a style probably not woven in the village of Hereke (near Istanbul) any longer. Modern production concentrates mostly on all silk rugs. This remarkable wool specimen, probably 60-80 years old, in flawless condition, is finely woven at 18 knots per linear inch horizontal and roughly an average 14 knots vertically, for a KPSI of around 250. It is one of the rarest and most exceptional pieces in the Villa Del Prado Collection.

Vintage Turkish Hereke - all wool pile on cotton foundation
Wool Hereke 250 KPSI

Hereke Field Closeup
Hereke - field closeup

Hereke Field, Border
Hereke - field and border

Hereke closeup of knots on the back, showing 18 knots across one inch along the weft.  Multiple wefts allow an average of just 14 knots/inch along the warp, for a knot count around 250 KPSI
Hereke - knots

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